White Teen Yells “N Word” While Attacking Black Girl, Breaks Her Nose … Black Girl Gets Suspended

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In a horrifying incident at Shawnee Mission East High School, a Black student was hospitalized after being attacked by a white male student. And the victim’s apparent unjust suspension is sparking outrage and demands for systemic change, Media Take Out has learned.

The incident took place at a Kansas high school, where the majority of students are White. The incident was captured, at least in part, on video – an the video tells a scary tale.

In the video, which was reviewed by Media Take Out, a Black girl was brutally attacked by a white male student. The assault left the African American victim hospitalized with a broken nose.

In a disturbing turn of events, Bre, the victim, now faces suspension from the school, Media Take Out has learned. The assailant – who has not been named – has also been suspended.

The incident unfolded last week, according to social media reports, when Bre nonviolently confronted a white female student for using racial slurs and calling Black students “slaves.”

After their argument, they peacefully parted ways. However, as they were walking away, a male student, previously uninvolved, aggressively shouts for Bre to “Shut the F*ck up!” Numerous student witnesses appear surprised and appalled, and Bre responds by asking what did he say. The male student then charges towards Bre while repeatedly hurling the N word.


Warning, the next video is brutal and terrifying:

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