We Studied The Video Evidence . . . And The Will Smith SLAP May Have Been STAGED! (Receipts)

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Yesterday the Hollywood world was shocked, after Will Smith walked on stage during the Oscars and slapped the hell out of comedian Chris Rock.

But was the slap real or fake? MTO News conducted its own analysis – and determined that the slap may very well have been staged.

Here’s a slow motion video of the slap, watch it first, then let’s discuss exactly what the video shows:

First, look at the way that Chris is standing when Will approached – with his hands behind his back, and bending forward towards will, putting his face close to Will. It’s very unnatural for a person to place their head in harms way, completely defenseless.

It was almost like he was setting up “the slap” perfectly. Here’s a screenshot:

Second, if you watch the video, you’ll see Chris tense up and brace himself immediately before the slap landed – almost as if he was preparing himself for the impact.

Next, look at both Chris and Will’s faces immediately after the slap. Both men appear to be smiling – a bizarre reaction for either to have if the violent assault was real.

Finally, Chris Rock refused to press charges or file a police report about the incident and police refused to prosecute Will.

Typically police would not need a “police report” from the victim of the assault, when the assault is captured on camera. But one law enforcement official explained to MTO News, “The [Los Angeles Police] couldn’t arrest Will even with the video, because they have no idea whether that slap was real or fake, without Chris [Rock’s] statement.”

Given all the evidence, we think that there’s a good chance that the slap was staged by the two Hollywood actors.

But here’s another alternate explanation – maybe Will was sick of all the disrespect his family has been receiving lately. People have been publicly disrespectful towards Jada Pinkett, and her marriage to Will ever since she admitted to engaging in open affairs with younger men on her Facebook Show Red Table talk.

And some of the disrespect has been to Jada and Will’s face. Last month at the SAG Awards, actress Laverne Cox ended her interview with the couple with some blatant disrespect. She gave her goodbyes and said she was looking forward to more Red Table Talks and “entanglements.”

The couple laughed off the potentially awkward comment and gave a surprisingly drama-free response. You can check out the video below:

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