Wayne Brady Wishes He Came Out As Pansexual “Earlier”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Wayne Brady came out as Pansexual last year and the comedian says he’s never been happier.

“Knowing the work that’s being done here, and the fact that I can talk to the youth and try to encourage them to live out loud, it’s something that I wish that I would’ve done earlier,” Brady told PEOPLE. “The fact that the organization can encourage them and make them feel safe — that’s something I wish that I would’ve done.”

“It’s been a year. Folks expect your life to change in some radical way, and it doesn’t. It just changes that you get a level of freedom that you’re happy with,” he added. “No one’s going to throw me a parade. It’s more about me being happy.”

Brady has spoken about the positive response he’s received since coming out. After he came out, his DMs were flooded by people going through the same thing. He had hoped that his story would be an inspiration to others.

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