Watch The Video Of Tekashi Getting Jumped … Allegedly Didnt Pay His Security … Going BROKE!

Lyndon Abioye |

Hip hop rat-boy Tekashi 6ix9ine was attacked by a group of men, Media Take Out confirmed, inside of Plant Hollywood Fitness in Miami.

Here’s video of the men beating the rapper.

AND WE HAVE THE TEA, on what happened. Media Take Out confirmed that Tekashi has stopped paying his security team for protection – as the rapper’s money supply is getting low.

We spoke with a top security firm in South Florida who tells us that Tekashi has a number of outstanding bills with other security teams, and that his company refused to protect the rat rapper.

The head of the security firm, who asked to be anonymous, explained to Media Take Out, “Tekashi hasn’t been paying [security], so I’m not surprised. We turned down a detail with him because of his reputation [of non-payment].”

It’s not clear what Tekashi did, exactly, to get himself beat. But online rumors that it was his former security member, Bullet Guzman.

Media Take Out can confirm that the men who attacked Tekashi were not affiliated with Bullet – who is an upstanding citizen and an afro Latino. The men who attacked Tekashi were Caucasian.

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