Warren G Responds To Suge Knight

Lyndon Abioye |

Warren G has responded to Suge Knight’s claims that he and Tupac Shakur were not friends and that he would have bailed Pac out of jail if somebody hadn’t already beaten him to it.

“It’s simple he beat me to the punch. I don’t have nothing against @officialsugeknight but don’t try to say how I was living I made him a lot of $ period Snoop, Dazz, Kurup, RBX, Natedogg, came through me,” he wrote in response to the post.

He continued: “Lol Suge is a funny guy. I wasn’t on Deathrow I was on Def Jam with the biggest hip hop single & a lot of $ I didn’t get a monthly salary I was buying 600 Benzes & houses taking care of family. so you ask who could take care of what.”

On Instagram, Warren G wrote, “1. Definition Of A Thug Produced By Warren G 2. How Long Will They Mourn Me Produced By Warren G 3. Lie 2 Kick It Produced By Warren G 4. You Gotta Get Your Produced By Me 2Pac & Breed. I’m trying see where Pac didn’t f-ck with me at.”

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