Warren G Denies Rumors Dr. Dre Used To Put Hands On Him

Lyndon Abioye |

West Coast rapper Warren G has denied rumors that Dr. Dre used to smack him around.

The claims were made by former Death Row boss Suge Knight on his Collect Call podcast.

“You know when you was trying to use the phone when you wasn’t supposed to in front of Andre, your brother, slapped your ass around so much you start saying, ‘Okay blood. Okay blood. Please don’t do it no more, I’m sorry.’ You can say that that didn’t happen, but everybody knows it’s true,” said Suge. “I’m not trying to promote negativity, but if you wanna lie while I’m there, you and I can sit down in the room, just me and you, and history will repeat itself.”

The “Regulate” rapper took offense to Suge’s remarks and quickly shut him down.

“Suge, you right. History would repeat itself, because n-gga you wasn’t the only n-gga in the room, n-gga. You wasn’t by yourself,” he calpped back. “It was other people in the room, too. I’m not gonna say no names because like you said, we don’t talk…So why you on here talking? Let that sh-t go, man.”

Listen to the episode above.

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