Waka Flocka Orders Biden Supporters To Leave His Concert!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Waka Flocka shocked his fans by demanding that all of his concertgoers who are planning on voting for Joe Biden in November exit his show.

Waka performed in  Salt Lake City, Utah this week.

In the clip, he is seen stopping the show and yelling into the crowd.

“All Joe Biden voters, get out of my concert. We gonna see y’all at the bingo game. We’re gonna party right now for T24,” he said.

Fans weighed in.

“I bet he felt real comfortable saying that in Utah lol. Niggas will use you to make it then switch up on you when they made you lol because you can’t tell me he has a enough day one fans that are republicans,” one fan commented under the video.

Waka has been a Trump supporter for years.

Several other celebrities have publicly supported Trump including Sexyy Red, YG, Kanye West, Don King and Antonio Brown.

“I’ve never met him. I’ve got admiration for his business moves and I study his dad Fred Trump,” Antonio Brown said. “But, I think Donald Trump is a good businessman and come[s] from a good family and has been a good president.”

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