Wack 100: Young Thug’s Team Didn’t Know About Gunna’s Plea Deal!!

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Wack 100 claims Young Thug and his team had no idea about the plea deal Gunna took until after the deed was done.

“I spoke to Young Thug’s people. They had no idea Gunna was about to do that. Zero. The squad, the attorneys, nobody had any idea Gunna was going to do that,” he said on Clubhouse. “Gunna’s management team always talks to Thug’s management team, everybody kept quiet and it even gets deeper than that.”

Since Gunna took the deal last week, Wack has been declaring Gunna a snitch. Wack added that Gunna is on some “f-ck sh-t.”

Gunna, whose legal name is Sergio Kitchens, were indicted for charges in violation of the RICO Act. The indictment claims they are part of a gang known as Young Slime Life or YSL and that they have engaged in violent criminal activity in the city for years. After taking the plea, Gunna was sentenced to five years with one year to serve in prison. That time was commuted to time served, and the balance was suspended. Gunna was also ordered to complete 500 hours of community service.

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