Wack 100 Thinks Tory Lanez Went Too Far w/ Taunting Megan Thee Stallion!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 says he doesn’t think Megan Thee Stallion would’ve taken things so far with Tory Lanez if he didn’t taunt her as much in public.

When the shooting in Summer 2020 first occurred, Meg told the cops she stepped on broken glass instead of revealing that she was shot in the feet.

Wack still believes Megan is lying about what happened and says that Lanez’s attorneys are trying to have evidence proving his innocence introduced to court…and that if it isn’t, the evidence will hit the internet.

But he also says that Lanez “antagonized” her to the point that she wanted to take things as far as she did. Wask says she does not think Megan even remembers what happened that night because she was too intoxicated.

Lanez has always protested his innocence and is trying to appeal his prison sentence. 

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, is currently housed at the California Correctional Institution, and is eligible for parole in September 2029.

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