Wack 100 Thinks Keefe D Will Beat 2Pac Murder Charges

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 thinks Keefe D will soon be a free man and doesn’t think prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him for the murder of Tupac Shakur.

“I don’t think they’re going to convict him. A lot of circumstantial stuff. I think he’s a damn idiot. I think he thought that his proffers over here was like a federal thing that covered the United States. I think that’s what he thought,” he tells Vlad TV.

Keefe D CLAIMS he witnessed the killing and provided the firearm and that he was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the murder. According to Keefe D, his nephew Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson was in the back seat with DeAndre ‘Dre Smith’ while Terrence ‘T-Brown’ Brown drove the Cadillac.

Wack continued: “[Keefe’s] 60 years old. I know he just had a surgery. A cancer removed. I think they’re just stroking the ego of the people because there’s no murder weapon.”

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