Wack 100 Says The Game Is About To Drop An Eminem Diss Track!!

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Wack 100 says that The Game is about to drop a track dissing Eminem.

“We starting a fire. The Black Slim Shady is coming. That ngga better be ready because this ngga done went crazy,” Wack said on Clubhouse.

Wack says Eminem’s music is disrespectful.

“He disrespect his own mama, my ngga, sht. He disrespect himself… This ngga talk about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk,” Wack said. “… When you get in that arena with that ngga, ain’t no boundaries with this n*gga, man. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.”

Wack previously mentioned the diss track and said that Eminem will have to respond.

In a recent interview with Complex, Wack spoke about The Game and Kanye West working together.

“They work great together. Their chemistry is great together. They respect each other,” he said. “They’re like two brothers, man, in the backyard throwing the football. There’s no tension. They’re open with each other, and they bounce ideas off of each other. The chemistry’s there.”

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