Wack 100 Responds To J. Stone…”His Baby Mama Hit Me Up”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Wack 100 has responded to J. Stone calling him out for disrespecting Nipsey Hussle.

Wack says the beef is over his baby mama. Wack says J. Stone has not been making sure she had what the baby needed.

“He mad ’cause his baby mama hit me up. I didn’t know it was his baby mama and she doin’ bad in the hotel. He ain’t lookin’ out and said she needed some diapers. I didn’t even know it was his baby mama; I just thought it was a young lady hittin’ me up, so I sent her a couple boxes of diapers,” he told RaeGiveTV.

He continued: “She was tellin’ me he’s a rat; I didn’t say nothin.’ You know about this man beating 30 years for doin’ a armed robbery in Anaheim […] He’s a deadbeat and people should know that ’cause they only support him because of Nipsey and there’s nothing to like.”

J. Stone has not responded to Wack’s recent comments. Watch the clip above.

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