Wack 100 Questions Why Rappers Wear Nail Polish

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 wants to know why more and more rappers have been wearing nail polish.

“I’ve been getting this question about the youngsters wearing fingernail polish. Me personally, I don’t wear fingernail polish. I’m from a different era; I’m a ’70s baby. I wear one earring, not two. That’s just our thing. So I say, ‘Shit, I gotta ask the youngsters.’ ‘Cause I know a lot of youngsters…Trippie Redd, NBA , Lil Uzi… I know these men, these men are not feminine, these men are not gay, they’re very masculine, they’re very stand-up individuals,” said the hip hop manager.

Wack continued, “But they’re bringing them up like, ‘Yo, Wack, they wearing fingernail polish. Why?’ I say, ‘I don’t know, it’s a different era.’ When I grew up, n-ggas was sagging their pants. My parents and uncles was like, ‘What y’all doing with your ass out, n-gga? That’s gay.’ But it wasn’t gay, it was just some trendy sh-t we was doing.”

He then asked rappers to comment about why they wear nail polish in his comments section, and Trippie Red did.

“It’s a way of expressing ur feelings,” he wrote. “Being true to your self and self care.”

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