Wack 100 & Maino Beef Over Troy Ave’s Chain

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 heard Maino’s comments about holding onto Troy Ave’s chain and thinks it was wack.

The pair went back and forth on Livestream, exchanging expletives.

“You bitch ass n-gga who got your drawers pulled up in your ass,” Wack shouted. “Why did you keep his chain?”

Last week, Maino said the following about the chain:

“Troy Ave, you’re a very funny guy, man. You’ve always been funny, you always amuse me. I always thought that you was comical. I never took you serious. I never believed, none of us ever did, we never believed you. The only person that thought that you was important was you, brotha.”

He then held up the chain.

“I brought something for you that I’ve been keeping on ice for a long time,” Maino said. “I been holdin’ this because I figured at some point, I’d have to put you back in your place. This is your Jesus piece. This is the Jesus piece that you wore every single day. You got up, you went to video shoots wit,’ you got up, you put this around your neck.”

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