Wack 100 Labels Jim Jones A “Rat” After Viral Fight

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Wack 100 is calling Jim Jones a snitch after his brawl with two men on an escalator went viral.

After the fight, Capo is seen telling the cops that he was fighting in self defense after getting attacked by the two strangers.

@kendricklamar might as well add this to the next song “Telling is Telling ” YALL GONE REALLY ACT LIKE YALL DONT HEAR THIS MAN @jimjonescapo 🐀’n,” wrote Wack.

He continued, “Under No circumstances do we identify or give statement out our mouth. Let the cameras do there jobs. Y’all will get mad cause it’s me but facts is facts this is telling his name will be in a police report with a VERBAL STATEMENT ‼️”

Fans roasted Wack in the comments, bringing up the time he called the cops on Chrisean Rock and also his affiliation was certified snitch, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Some fans argued that Jim Jones gave the police his side of the story before to two men, both white, could pull a “Karen” on him.

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