Wack 100 Hints At Cash Money Telling Him To Expose B.G. As A Snitch!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 recently caught heat for claiming that B.G. was a snitch after he was released from prison early…but according to Wack, Cash Money wanted him to do it.

“One thing you gotta understand, n-gga, I get five Cash Money budgets every year. Understand the politics for me to be saying it, you gotta know where I got it from and where the work comes from. Slow down and use your brain, n-gga,” says Wack in the clip below.

Wack says he would not have said a word unless he got the word to do so. B.G. has denied being a snitch. The Hot Boys member was released from prison last month after serving 12 years of a 14-year sentence.

“Use your brain for me to openly say it. The green had to come from his backyard. Use your brain. For Wack to openly say it as loud as I’m saying it…it had to come from one spot. You can’t be slow. If that n-gga was ratting and it didn’t come from the right place, I wouldn’t jeopardize $5 million, I’d be quiet. Use your brain. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t say shit. It come from right there, n-gga. That’s a fact. The work and everything, n-gga. From right there to my phone.”

Y’all believe Wack?

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