Wack 100 Claims Chrisean Rock’s Baby Is “AT RISK!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 has involved himself in the drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock and doesn’t think the baby should be at home with Chrisean.

“While you guys are laughing at Rock, this man’s baby is suffering,” he wrote. “No way a real hospital allowed this child to leave their supervision,” he continued. “This ain’t [Zeus], this is real life. Blueface can’t find the child to get the baby proper care. This baby is at risk and needs [to] be in [the] care of a hospital now.”

After deleting the post, Wack then responded to Chrisean calling him out on Instagram Live.

“[Chrisean], say my name one more time and I’ma let the world know why I never f-cked with you,” he said.

Fans clapped back in the comments.

“This whole sh-t is sad… gotta stop acting like Wendy Williams big dawg. Do what you gotta do don’t threaten a young female… does that really make you feel that masculine… no disrespect but frfr. We already know she has issues so it wouldn’t be shocking… but for you as an “OG” I can’t really respect anymore. Not that I matter or that you even know me but commmmme on big fella. This ain’t it! Not while she’s going through thee most serious sh-t in her life. I pray for all of y’all. Truly sickening and sad! #karma and God is watching,” one concerned follower wrote.

Should Wack mind his business?

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