Wack 100 Calls J Prince A Snitch – Posts Paperwork!!

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After J Prince dissed Wack 100 and called him a rat on a podcast interview, Wack responded by posting paperwork and accused Prince of being a snitch.

“Dam this case # leads to a sealed file huh 🤷🏾‍♂️ Wonder what’s going on here . I never go away. #LinePusher @wallo267 @gilliedaking Guess y’all didn’t wanna talk bout this,” Wack captioned a post.

He then posted images of more paperwork:

@jprincerespect when you use the word #Rat you gotta have the paperwork. While your Cappn on my name I think you need to call Pest control on somebody tied to your name ‼️ #SealedFiles Naw can’t expunge in 2 yrs takes 5 yrs after ya off paper. This seal means 1 or 2 things . R for Rat or R for a Rape either one clean ya DNA up Partna . #Coward hides behind men but won’t face me ‼️WACK AINT NEVER HAD A CODEFENDANT – 😂 #Bozo

After being tagged in the post, Prince reported a clip from the interview.

“Everybody wants smoke until the 🔥 comes,” he wrote. “Quit screaming piru officer rat 100, they don’t claim you rat. You’re a club house gang banger with two members that can’t walk in your own hood. My brother Larry Hoover has been locked underground in inhumane treatment for 26 years and this clown is working to stop him from living above ground in freedom. The true definition of a bad seed at birth.”

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