Wack 100 Calls B.G. A RAT…Birdman Responds

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 says he’s avoiding Birdman’s calls because the Cash Money is upset that he called B.G. a “rat.”

“I ain’t answering Birdman’s calls. I answer yesterday and he light me up. Tried to get me on No Jumper,” Wack said.

B.G. was released from prison in September following a 12-year sentence for gun possession and witness tampering.

“Dude say anything for attention bg did hella years for a weak ass gun 💯 n-ggas like wack n some of u niggas n the comments love puttin smut on -n-ggas names it’s sad at this point,” said one viewer.

Another chimed in, “Cheese grater face need to sit down, BG did 14 years that man is not a snitch. Talk about how your artist Bluetooth keep dodging sentences, is he snitching? Who cares what this old geezer says anyway, he needs his own blog since he gossips for free. Might as well get a check for it, lil zesty asz.”

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