Wack 100 Call On G*gency Member Friend To Fight Saucy Santana!!

Lyndon Abioye |

After DJ Akademiks cried on air after being threatened with rape by Saucy Santana, Wack 100 called a friend from the LGBT community to fight Saucy on Ak’s behalf.

“Saucy Santana said something to bro…he can’t deal with that. I need you to run the fade for me. ‘Cuz he gay. And you know, if we say something, we’re gonna get in trouble. You openly gay. Can you run that fade?” Wack asked Donat.

Donat agreed.

“First of all, I’m bisexual. Second of all, n-gga, I’ll run that fade!” he responded.

Saucy threatened to put hands on Ak asked Ak dissed Yung Miami.

“I want to meet you outside. I don’t want to pull up to no muthaf-ckin’ headquarters, bitch. Corporate ass n-gga… I want to meet you in the club, I want to meet you in the streets. Let’s get active. After I beat you, I’ma f-ck you in your ass because you’re a bitch-ass n-gga. That’s what we do to you. You always pressing a BBL, f-g. Bitch, you sitting on your thick-ass. Bitch, I got a BBL and you got a BBW.

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