Wack 100 Alleges Blueface Slept With DJ Akademiks’ GF!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Wack 100 claims that the ongoing beef between DJ Akademiks and Blueface started because the rapper slept with his girl.

“Ak’s hating on Blueface ’cause Blueface knocked his broad down,” Wack told Adam22. “That’s it! ‘Cause you notice how he came out of nowhere with it?”

“The Chey girl?” Adam asked.

“I ain’t gonna tell you which one,” Wack replied. “Bro, it goes down like that. I watched Ray J hit LeDainian Tomlinson’s wife when he was still at the Chargers. Motherf-ckkers can’t tell me nothing! I done seen the best of the best get hit. So whatever Ak had to say about Blueface…Ak, that’s my brother…but now we got to clear it up and let people know why you so butthurt.”

Akademiks is yet to respond to Wack’s claims but fans are trying to work out which girlfriend of Ak’s wack is referring to. Other accused Ak of talking too much.

“Get Wendy Williams off No Jumper. Biggest gossiping gangsta next to Boscoe 100,” one follower wrote.

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