Vivica Fox Doesn’t Like Nick Cannon Having So Many Kids

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Nick Cannon will soon be welcoming his 10th child and Vivica A. Fox says she doesn’t like it.

“Y’all can be like, ‘He got money,’ this, that, and the third. The foundation of Black families, especially a strong father figure, is needed. This just isn’t a good representation of it in my opinion,” she said on Cocktails With Queens.

“I think Nick Cannon’s a great guy, I think he’s successful, and the same—we go in on people like Future and not to say that he’s the same, but it’s just, at the end of the day, there are a lot of—he’s so busy!” Claudia Jordan chimed in. “Nick Cannon has an empire! He has an empire! So, do you have time for all these kids?”

Earlier this year, Nick said he’s very active in all of his children’s lives.

“If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school via FaceTime and stuff,” he said. “And then when I am [in the same city, I’m] driving my kids to school, like making sure I pick ’em up. All of those things, making sure [I’m there for] all extracurricular activities. I’m involved in everything from coaching to having guitar lessons with my daughter every week.”

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