Viral Twins The Island Boy Comes Out The Closet … I’m GAY But I’m A Top!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Fly Soulja, half of the Coral Springs rap duo the Island Boys has come out as gay, Media Take Out confirmed. In a new video, posted online, the viral sensation told the world that he’s gay.

And he gave more details on his private life. The rapper told his audience that he’s a “top”, or a giver in the relationship.


Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas – both 21 years old – better known as the Island Boys, are American social media personalities and a hip-hop duo active on the video sharing platform TikTok.The Island Boys are twin brothers Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas), who are based in Coral Springs, Florida. They went viral with their song “I’m an Island Boy”

The blood brothers recently went viral, when they posted a video of the two brothers kissing each other romantically in the mouth.

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