Viral Tik Tok Pink Sauce Investigated By The FDA … Feds PULL UP At Creator’s House!!

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is investigating a Miami-based Tok Tok private chef whose mystery Pink Sauce condiment has gone viral across social media, Media Take Out confirmed.

TikTok user @chef.pii went viral last month after she posted a video promoting her milky-pink-colored Pink Sauce.

Dozens of TikTok users shared videos that show them pouring the pink goop on burgers, fries and KFC chicken. According to online reports, seen by Media Take Out, thousands of people bought the sauce – which is being sold online for $20 a bottle.

It was all good for the TikTok star, until customers began reporting her to the feds, for mislabeling her product.

Chef Pii originally refused to tell customers what was in the pink bottles. Then she posted a video revealing the ingredients.

Sunflower seed oil
Raw honey
Distilled vinegar
Garlic Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
Pink Himalayan sea salt
Dried spices
Lemon juice
Citric acid

But that’s not good enough for the Food and Drug administration. According to the FDA, anyone who sells condiments must register the location of the facility where the condiments are made.

The FDA requires information such as testing, food safety compliance and “scientific protocols.”

Chef Pi’s bottles are labeled. But the labels contained multiple spelling errors, and possible errors in nutritional information.

Chef Pii posted another video on Friday apologizing for spelling mistakes on the labels.

“I’m not only human. I am not perfect. This is a small business that’s just moving really, really fast,” she said.

In the video, Pii explained that her team is working to lower the cost of the sauce from it’s current $20 per bottle price. She also claims her sauce is in “lab testing,” and each bottle contains 30 servings.

But that explanation wasn’t;t good enough. Media Take Out confirmed that a federal agent pulled up to her home on Friday.

Here’s video of the FDA pulling up at her home:

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