VIRAL New Rap Song By 6 Yr Old ‘Demon’ Rapper … About Killing His Mom, Dad, & GRANDMOTHER!

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There’s a new video going viral all across social media, by a 6 year old rapper named Woo Wop. And Media Take Out can confirm that the lyrics are EXTREMELY disturbing.

The song, which was written and produced by the popular rapper/Youtuber DDG, has many across social media upset.

In the song, 6 year old Woo Wop – who is referred to as a “demon rapper” raps about how he plans to murder his own mother, father and grandmother – over a dark trap beat.

The little boy and his uncle are dancing during the video, and seem to be pretty happy with their creation.


What was DDG thinking?? And why they gotta kill the grandma too .. . .

DDH is a rapper, singer, and YouTuber. He started making videos in 2014, expanding his content with YouTube vlogs after graduating high-school in 2015 and attending Central Michigan University. He dropped out of college a year later to focus on his YouTube and music career.

In 2018, he signed to Epic Records, and later in 2020, he founded his own record label, Zooted Music, with longtime managers Eric O’Connor and Dimitri Hurt. His hit single “Moonwalking in Calabasas” featuring rapper Blueface has gained over 200 million streams. DDG debuted in his first boxing match against Nate Wyatt on June 12, where he defeated Nate in the 5th round by Unanimous Decision.

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