Viral Female Rapper Marlene’s BIZARRE Shape … Says It’s NATURAL – Lower Half Looks Like A Kangaroo

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There’s a new female rapper on the scene who is going viral – and her name is Marlene. Marlene is one of the top female rappers in Africa, and she’s the #1 rapper in her home country of Angola.

While she has an interesting flow, what’s far more interesting is her body – which she claims is 100% natural.

When video of Marlene performing hit Twitter – it was quickly seen by millions of people who marveled at her shape. While some suggested that she her shape reminded them of Ms Incredible from the Pixar Movie The Incredibles, others suggested that her lower half reminded them of a kangaroo.

What’s even stranger than Marlene’s shape, is the singer’s claim that it’s “100% natural.” According to Marlene’s management team, Marlene is the member of an African tribe known for having strong and muscular legs and buttocks.

Here’s a video of Marlene dancing and making that thang move:


Media Take Out has learned, however, that while her figure may look bizarre to a western audience – her shape is not that uncommon in Angola. So could she be telling the truth?

Here’s video of Marlene:

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