Video Of Rapper Vory Allegedly Threatening To K*LL His GF Trends Online

Lyndon Abioye |

“Ain’t It Funny” rapper and singer Vory is facing domestic abuse accusations from his girlfriend, Janae Daugherty, who posted in home camera footage of him threatening her with violence.

Vory is seen in one of the videos walking towards Janae, who looks scared, as she holds their dog. She is seen begging him to stop. Another clip allegedly shows Vory ordering Janae to disconnect her phone from their home security system.

“I will literally get you killed, for real,’ he is heard telling her.

Janae says she has more evidence of his violence.

“The proof is public. [Simply] Google what he has current court cases for. And that’s only two of the 100 times he’s done this. If y’all wanna support a man that abuses pregnant women or women in general, that’s between you and God!” she wrote on Instagram Story.

Vory has not released a statement about the allegations.

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