Chicago Rapper King Von Tells Police He Was Gay … His Chicago Homies REACT!!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Video footage of King Von telling police officers that he needed to be placed in protective custody because he is gay has surfaced online.

In the bodycam footage, King Von doubted his cellmate’s religious beliefs and claimed they could be homophobic.

“They’re supposed to be a Christian at the end of the day. But they got a problem with gay people,” he tells the cops.

One of the officers then asks the rapper he’s seeking protective custody because he’s gay. which Von confirms.

“They got a problem with me. I don’t ever start nothing,” he said.

In the comments, fans believed Von was lying to be placed in PC as he had many enemies in Chicago at the time.

“I mean… I don’t think he was gay for real. Just a smart move to get protective custody. It’s like claiming insanity when charged for murder,” one viewer wrote.

“He ain’t no f-cking gay. His opps was in there, he made a smart play,” wrote another.

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