Video LEAKS … Purports To Show Boxer Errol Spence Strung Out On Some Type Of INEBRIANT!!

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A very disturbing video is circulating on Twitter. The video purports to show boxing superstar Errol Spence extremely inebriated, laying in bed … and babbling incoherently to a woman.

Media Take Out was not able to conclusively identify the two people in the video, but the woman bears a striking resemblance to Errol Spence’s first baby’s mother, and the man in the video looks remarkably similar to the boxing superstar.

Errol’s baby mother

In the video, the woman is talking to fans on some sort of Livestream, and she starts off saying, “It’s really hard. I take full responsibility, I mean he was cheating on me.”

Then the woman adds that she was going to “run him over with her car.”

At that point, the video gets even more strange. The woman lifts up Errol’s head and asks the alleged champ if he wants to go to Dubai.

“Errol” who is completely out of it, on either extreme amounts of alcohol or some type of hard drug, responds to her question by saying “Duh-WHAT??”

It’s really bad.


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