Vic Mensa Says Drugs Made Him SUICIDAL!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Vic Mensa says he used to take drugs to boost his creativity but he had to stop because they were making him suicidal.

“The first drug I really felt dependent on was mushrooms. I started doing them abusively. Probably 100 times a year when I was like 19. But it wasn’t soul-searching. I started to lean on it as a creative crutch, and eventually it just stopped working and I started having bad trips. I would feel like my throat was closing and I was dying,” he told SPIN Magazine.

“In the pursuit of boosted creativity, I started doing a lot of molly and ecstasy. I was going to the bathroom in the middle of a studio session and railing molly with the powder falling on the ground. And I’m rolling up a dollar bill, on my hands and knees, railing it off the bathroom floor — definitely with piss mixed up in it. That stopped working and just tanked my serotonin,” he continued.

He said he began to lose hope when the drugs would stop working.

“When the molly crashed, I was so depressed and started snorting Adderall. Then that stopped working. I would use each drug to the max until it stopped working. And then I was feeling like I couldn’t create, because I needed these drugs but the drugs weren’t working. And so I was hellbent on killing myself. I was on a full warpath of suicide.”

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