Universal Zulu Nation Pens ‘Open Letter To Gossip Blogger Akademiks’

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The Universal Zulu Nation has penned a letter to DJ Akademiks, referring to him as a “gossip blogger,” after his remarks calling rap’s OGs “dusty.”

“Dear Akademiks,” the letter begins. “I pray this letter finds you in peace and good health. We all know how dangerous this industry can be, and I thank God for allowing so many of us to survive over the past 48 years since the inception of Hiphop Culture. Many of our pioneers have left us and some weren’t able to see the fruits of their labor. However, we are grateful for where The Culture has brought us.”

The letter continues, “For 48 years, we’ve educated the world about the importance of our Culture’s four spiritual principles: Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun. Those principles were indoctrinated into American culture through positive reinforcement, utilizing four physical elements: Deejaying, Graffiti, Breakdancing, and Emceeing. There is a hidden element, known as “the fifth element,” which is Knowledge.”

Akademiks has not walked back on his comments, doubling down saying the original Hip Hop generations has done nothing for the new rappers.

“Young man, had you been well versed with the fifth element, you would have known that your foul and unreasonably disrespectful rant against pioneers of our Culture was out of line, without merit, and pointless. More importantly, the culture vultures and agents for change are enjoying the fracas you created, as they are, have always been, and continue to be steadfast against what we’ve created from nothing,” the Universal Zulu Nation adds. “They don’t want us to succeed, and when we do, they always find an agent to do their dirty work in hopes of dismantling our Culture. They have created an atmosphere of disunity, dissension, discontent, and hate. Unfortunately, dear brother, the agents have gotten a hold of you. Subliminally, they have lured you into their trap. Their plan to bring division among us will always work when they include and involve the gullible.”

Click here to read the full letter.

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