Unedited Pics Of Cardi B Leak … Shows Rolls, Stretch Marks & Body Hair!! (Nicki’s Fans Are Mean)

Lyndon Abioye |

Cardi B and her team are going crazy, after a series of unedited images leaked on Twitter – which purportedly came from the outtakes from the shooting of Cardi B’s promo photos for her hit song Hot Sh*t.

Here’s the heavily photoshopped image that Cardi and her team put out.

One of Nicki’s fans reportedly got their hands on the unedited pics, and began sharing them on Twitter. In the unedited pics, which we can not post here, Cardi’s body looks a lot less “perfect.”

In one of the photos, you can see rolls on Cardi’s back, which seem to have swelled up her bra strap.

In another picture, you can see Cardi’s stomach – which clearly has stretch marks. And her tummy also appears to have some body hair.

Nick’s fans are rejoicing over posting the unflattering photos of Cardi B. Here are just a sample of their responses on Twitter:

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