Tyrese SLAMS Rickey Smiley Over Brian McKnight Remarks

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Tyrese hopped online to respond to Rickey Smiley after he posted a message to Brian McKnight’s children, telling them he is there for them after the singer disowned them.

“I want to let you know that you have a lot of support out here. If anyone gets this message out to Brian McKnight’s two sons and daughter: you are always welcome to the state of Alabama… where you have men and you have uncles and you have a lot of people that… take on kids that have been abandoned by fathers,” he said. “You are not thrown away. You are not garbage. You are loved [and] you are to be respected.”

Since marrying and having a son with his new wife Leilani, McKnight is refusing to be a father to his biological children.

Tyrese saw the message and decided to weigh in.

“Can someone please get this message to Ricky Smiley? He uploaded the video chiming in to the ongoing issue with Brian McKnight and his family. I’m not addressing Brian or his wife, that’s not my business. I’m just responding to a comment that Ricky Smiley made… Ricky Smiley… It’s gloves off let’s have a grown grown conversation about these dynamics…”

Tyrese continued, “There have been specific things done over the years that are nobody’s business that has contributed to where they are. Man, kids out here be saying some f-ckd up sh-t, bruh… Kids out here be going above and beyond to cross you. I do not what that man… or his kids.. or anything about anything.”

Tyrese is urging Rickey Smiley to stay out of Brian’s relationship with his children as it’s not his business.

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