Tyrese Says New TGT Album Is On The Way

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Tyrese says his group with Tank and Ginuwine, TGT, is making a comeback.

“I got some great news for you, Tank and J,” Tyrese said on Tank and J. Valentine’s podcast. “Atlantic Records has officially agreed to sign TGT for a second album… yeah, congratulations.”

In 2016, Tank revealed one reason why the group decided to part ways.

“Tyrese still doesn’t wanna split the money equally, so we’re done,” he told TMZ at the time.

Last year, Tank and Tyrese talked openly about the breakup.

“I didn’t even give neither one of them the heads up that I was gonna present my market share […] First of all, I gotta defend myself ’cause we ain’t finna be out here crazy. Without even getting into numbers ’cause that ain’t nobody’s business, what the conversation was because I don’t do shows that often, when I finally do shows, I’m able to demand a certain number,” Tyrese began. “And so, the conversation was TGT—Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank—how do we split three ways? And for me, that just didn’t work for me at the time. As we were about to sign the deal, I just had to put that on the table […] It’s 10 years later, G still ain’t over it.”

Tank replied, “I love that you have a bottom line. I love that your self-worth is on ‘you cannot move my needle; it’s impossible.’ I think there comes a time where—because for me—you’re my friend, and so a bottom line in business starts to feel like you’re not just negotiating against me, but tryna make sure you’re standing above me. That’s, for me, where the feelings got weird.”

Tyrese finally apologized.

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