Tyrese Dumped by GF For Having Too Many Songs About Ex-Wife

Lyndon Abioye |

Tyrese claims his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, left him because he has too many songs about his ex-wife on his forthcoming Beautiful Pain album.

“Me and Zelie just broke up over some dumb sh-t,” he said in a promo clip for his new project. “She demanded that I cancel my ALBUM because there’s too many songs about my ex on there. f-ck does that even mean?”

Fans speculated whether or not Tyrese’s breakup claims are for real.

Speaking to Kenny Burns last year, he revealed his album was inspired by his ex.

“I want to give y’all the heads up. For all of the uber-sensitive people. One thing y’all not are gon’ do, whether I’m a man, a woman, Black, whatever — y’all not gonna be able to stop me from speaking, walking and living in my truth,” he said. “And if your brain is triggered by a man having real conversations about his thoughts and his feelings and what he experienced and you look at that as bashing or tearing down someone because they happen to be a woman, then your whole process is wrong.”

At one point, Samantha Lee was open to the idea of getting back with Tyrese but he dragged her on social media and she backtracked.

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