Tyrese DENIES Sending “Disrespectful Texts” To DJ Envy’s Wife

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Tyrese took to Instagram to deny DJ Envy’s claims that he sent disrespectful text messages to his wife.

“I’ve lost a little sleep since I’ve been home about a man accusing me of disrespecting his wife, as he said. Charlamagne in the background say, ‘What did he say?!’ I was wondering too…what did I say? So of course, the beautiful thing about the iMessage, the iCloud, gives you an opportunity to recall text messages, and I don’t see nothing in the text messages directly into Envy or directly into his wife where I disrespected him or her,” Tyrese said in the video which lasted more than 20 minutes.

During his interview last week on The Breakfast Club, Envy called Tyrese out and said he should have “boxed his ears” for his texts.

He continued: “First of all, I think of all things that hurt me. Anybody that knows me knows that I know and been around some of the most beautiful people…girlfriends, baby mamas, wives. It’s not even in my character to disrespect any man, specifically his wife. And yes, they can milk…not they ’cause I don’t even know that his wife actually feels this way… but it’s okay to milk the psych meds. ‘Oh, you said a bunch of sh-t. You reckless.’ You know what? I’m still on my apology tour, y’all seen everything, I spoke about it in the interview.”

“But I literally just had to pull up some receipts and I had to go and look in my phone and say, ‘When is the last time we were actually communicating and does anything about our communication feel like I actually disrespected his wife or him?'” he added. “Because whether I was on psych meds or not, you’re not describing me. You’re not describing me as a man. That was the most hurtful thing ever.”

Watch the lengthy video above.

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