Tyler Perry Is Getting Dragged For Calling President Obama A ’Descendent Of Slaves’!

Lyndon Abioye |

Tyler Perry gave a touching tribute to former president Barack Obama on his birthday. But Tyler made a pretty serious mistake.

During the tribute he called President Obama a “descendent of slaves.” Look:

Of course Barack Obama is not the descendent of slaves. His father was from Kenya, and his mother was White. We understand what Tyler was trying to say, but not everyone does.

As Media Take Out has reported, there’s a growing movement inside the Black community to recognize the contributions of Black Americans – who are the descendants of slaves – separately from the contributions made by Black immigrants.

There’s a belief that Black Americans do not get the credit that they deserve – for helping to create the country that we all call home.

And so many are upset with Tyler’s mistake.

Here are some of the replies:

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