Tupac’s K*ller Keefe D Is Reportedly Trying To Implicate Diddy!!

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Duane (Keefe D) Davis was taken into custody on Friday morning, after Las Vegas police charged him with the m**der of legendary hip hop icon Tupac Shakur.

The self confessed gang member has been bragging about his role in the m**der of the rap legend in a book and interviews since 2018.

Keefe has spoken multiple times about how he was in the car when his nephew Orlando Anderson opened fire on Tupac on September 7, 1996, on the Las Vegas strip.

Back in May, in a Vlad TV interview, Keefe claimed that the fee for the assassination was $1 million, which was paid by a famous hip-hop star to a gang member named Eric Von Zip. He never disclosed who was the famous hip hop star that offered the county.

A few weeks ago, in another interview, Keefe mentioned Diddy – and claimed that now that he’s in trouble with the law – he needs Diddy to “show him some love.”

That latest interview, along with Keefe D’s recent arrest – has lead to widespread speculation on social media, that Keefe D may be preparing something. Keefe D, a known gang member and a liar, may be planning on implicating Diddy in the Tupac m**der. Diddy and Tupac were beefing at the time that he rapper was k*lled, but there is ZERO evidence that Diddy – a billionaire and music mogul – had anything to do with the sh**ting.

Wack100, a popular hip hop commentator says that Diddy is “scared to death” of what Keefe D might tell the police.


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