Tupac Shakur’s Brother Weighs In On Allegations Diddy Was Behind The Rapper’s Murder

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Tupac Shakur’s brother Mopreme Shakur sat down for a recent interview where he was asked about rumors that Diddy put a hit out on the late rapper.

Last week, Keefe D was arrested in connection with the shooting. Keefe D has implicated Diddy in several interviews.

“I don’t have to do anything. This individual mentioned [Diddy’s] name. Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it? It does feel like Pac is being vindicated because back in them days when things were going down everybody thought he was crazy,” Mopreme said.

“He may have not expressed it properly but that don’t mean he was wrong. Ya dig? So we’ll see… I’m fortunate enough to have my freedom. I consume media. I’ve seen interviews…these interviews they speak of that they used to land this indictment on this dude I’ve seen em’ and he’s saying things I got questions about.

“[Keefe D] mentioned certain people that may be accomplices so at this point in the game somebody’s accountable. Are they gonna make everybody he’s talking about accountable?”

The Las Vegas police stated they have no more suspects but this could change if Keefe snitches.

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