Trump Clowns Joe Biden For Falling Off His Bike

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Donald Trump is clowning President Joe Biden after a video of him falling off his bike went viral.

Trump posted a fake video of him hitting Biden in the head with a golf ball and knocking him off his bike.

Biden rode his bike at the Cape Henlopen State Park. The reporters were there to receive him.

“I’m good,” Biden said after falling off his bike, oddly after he had already stopped the bike. “My foot got caught,” he added and got up very quickly.

The official Twitter account of Smash Mouth shared the video and then responded to the backlash after fans warned them not to forget about their roots and their fans.

“We don’t play politics, but we do love humor, and this is funny,” the band tweeted. “Lighten up folks. Two things can be equally true. It’s amazing Joe has that stamina to ride, and it’s funny he fell off. All good, carry on!”

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