Trump Claims “Broken Down” Biden Has Quit Presidential Race

Tiffany Brockworth |

Donald Trump claims that Biden has quit the presidential race and that the new Democratic nominee is his vice president, Kamala Harris.

In a viral video clip, Trump is heard saying that Biden is a “broken-down pile of crap” and that he is on the verge of “quitting the race.”

“He just quit, you know—he’s quitting the race,” Trump says while sitting in a golf cart. “I got him out of the—and that means we have Kamala.”

Trump said that he thinks Harris would make a better opponent.

“I think she’s gonna be better” he said adding, “She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic. She’s so f-cking bad.”

Several polls show that Harris is ahead of Biden in the polls and stands a better chance of taking on Trump.

 “Can you imagine that guy dealing with Putin? And the president of China—who’s a fierce person. He’s a fierce man, very tough guy. And they see him,” he said of Biden.

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