Troy Ave Details Taxstone Shooting AGAIN

Tiffany Brockworth |

Troy Ave sat down with Nick Cannon, where he once again detailed the shooting that put podcaster Taxstone behind bars.

“If I’m a die, I’m a die fighting. I’m not just gon’ be on the floor like, ‘Oh, I’m hit.’ And let the person that shot me and my man get away. Like f-ck it, we all gon’ die in this bitch then. Now we fighting for the gun and sh-t. He start squeezing those shots. I’m biting the n-gga on his neck. He’s biting my forearm. I managed to get more control of the gun than him, I just start pistol-whipping him,” he says on The Daily Cannon.

He continued, “I turn around to make sure everyone I came in with is good… We leave out the room, and this is the part they showed on the media. This is the part that made it look like Troy Ave came into a club recklessly and started shooting. What people don’t realize is I was coming out of a VIP room where I was attacked and I was shot. When I’m shooting, is when I see him.”

Taxstone was convicted of the shooting and is awaiting sentencing, which will take place on May 25, 2023.

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