TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Beyonce SHADES Jay Z In Track . . . Suggests She’s w/ Him For MONEY!!

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Beyonce’s new album Renaissance is EVERYWHERE. Each and every song on the tantalizing new album is currently charting on the Billboard Top 100 list.

The album is certain to be a huge success and fans are beginning to dissect some of Bey’s lyrics to get insight into her personal life, Media Take Out has learned.

Beyonce is one of the most private artists in history. She almost never gives interviews, and rarely does she ever give fans a glimpse into her personal life.


But as guarded as Bey is in interviews, Beyonce is also known for putting ALL her business out there in music.

And fans are saying that Bey appeared to be shading her husband Jay Z in one of her tracks, Church Girl. The song is sort of a “coming out” track for Beyonce – where she talks about how she balances her Christian upbringing with her party girl spirit.

In the track, she talks about the man in her life, who she describes as very rich. And she drops this line: ‘Must be the cash ’cause it ain’t your face.”

Many Beyonce fans are wondering whether she’s talking about her husband Jay Z.

What do you guys think – is she shading Jay? And if so, could that mean a possible fracture in their marriage, or is she just telling the truth?

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