Tristan Thompson Allegedly Slept With BM The Same Night Khloé Kardashian Threw Him A Birthday Party!!

According to reports, Tristan Thompson slept with his latest baby mama, Maralee Nichols, the same night Khloe Kardashian threw a party for his birthday.

In an episode of The Kardashians, Kim reads the legal paperwork filed by Thompson over the phone where he admitted that he slept with Maralee on his 30th birthday.

“This whole declaration is in this thing,” said Kim. “It’s this whole thing that says, ‘I, Tristan Thompson, met this girl in Houston. I slept with her on my 30th birthday.’ So I sent it to him and said, ‘Does Khloé know about this?’ Khloé doesn’t even f-cking know.”

“This is paperwork that he’s filed that says, ‘The only time I had sexual intercourse with the petitioner, was in March 2021 in Houston, Texas. The petitioner claims she is pregnant with my child and that she is due December 3. However, petitioner does not recall when I had sexual intercourse with her. Therefore, I do not know if the claims that I am the father of the child are supported by fact.’ “

“He’s saying that he slept with her! He’s asking for a paternity test and admitting he had sex with her. Khloé threw him his 30th birthday party. He went home from the 30th birthday party, went to Houston to play on the road, we can check his schedule, and then slept with this girl.”

Tristan has already been dumped but the episode must bring up painful memories for Khloe and Maralee.

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