Trinidad James Reacts To Iggy Azalea’s Support Of Tory Lanez

Tiffany Brockworth |

Trinidad James has weighed in on Iggy Azalea’s letter to support Tory Lanez and her subsequent series of tweets trying to downplay her support.

“I think the best thing I can say is, if you shoot somebody, you should go to jail to think about your actions,” the rapper told TMZ who asked him about his thoughts.

He continued, “If you didn’t shoot somebody and you go to jail and you doing 10 years, for something you didn’t do, It kind of reminds me of the Kendrick Lamar lyric of like the one who pulls the trigger has to live forever because after you kill somebody they die right then and there. But you got to think about killing somebody. So it’s the same analogy. vIt’s like if this person didn’t shoot you, right? If it didn’t happen and they’re going to jail for 10 years, their life is not over. But, their career is hurt tremendously. Then you have to live with that, forever.”

Fans are calling for Iggy to be canceled as she works on her return to music after briefly “retiring.”

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