Trina Shoots Down Tory Lanez Dating Rumors

Trina has finally addressed rumors that she once dated now incarcerated rapper Tory Lanez. Trina claims she and Tory were just friends.

“We wasn’t dating. Tory was just my friend but he liked me. And I just felt like, I met Tory at a weird time, like right after the whole French debacle, the whole situation. And I met him through just other friends that came to the studio. I was in this space like, ‘Ok, I gotta work,'” she told Yung Miami.

Trina says Tory was obviously interested but he did not directly approach. They collaborated on two tracks after his interest but it never went further than the music.

“I was drawn to that energy,” she said. “I was at a space where I was down and I needed to work. And I liked what he was doing. But at the end of the day, he was also real aggressive and growing and trying to be his own artist. And I respect him for doing that.”

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