Trina Gives Updates On Her Current Relationship W/ Nicki Minaj

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Trina sat down with Jason Lee where she gave fans on updates on her friendship with rapper Nicki Minaj.

“I haven’t spoken to her in a while,” she told King. “I would say [we haven’t spoken] in probably a little bit over a year or so, maybe longer… Well, we came off the pandemic, my mom passed in 2019… so maybe… like a year or two.”

In 2019, the pair dropped their collab BAPS, but the head of A&R at Trina’s record label Rockstarr Music Group, Reginald Saunders slammed Nicki for being a “deceiver and manipulator.” Trina publicly sided with Nicki but Saunders had already done a lot of damage.

Trina says she’s proud of Nicki’s recent success.

“I’m proud, like, you’re deserving of this, like, we watched your first tour, it was great… and now it’s like phenomenal, and you’re just looking at the growth — you just got your son,” Trina said, referring to Minaj. “…I’m just happy for you, even if you over here and I’m over here, but I’m just happy for you. And I feel like everything that’s happening for her, she deserves.”

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