Trick Daddy’s Ex-Wife Hated His Gold Teeth

Tiffany Brockworth |

Trick Daddy’s estranged wife Joy has finally admitted that she never liked his gold teeth.

Speaking on the We In Miami podcast, Joy’s cousin Trina said: “She didn’t like the teeth, she didn’t like that he smoked, she didn’t like nothing.”

Joy added. “I ain’t gonna lie, I like a little thug or whatever, but he was a big, like a thug thug.”

The couple separated in 2003 but Trick has famously says he has no plans to sign the divorce papers.

“The only way I’d get divorced is if my girl want me to marry her. In my mind right now, I’m like a dual point guard. One and done,” he said on The Breakfast Club last year. “That’s what she say. If she want a divorce, she need to stop using my name. Then, she going around messing with all these dudes trying to find me. I’m right here. They’ll never be me. You can’t melt ’em and pour ’em on me,” he added.

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