Trick Daddy SLAMS Katt Williams… “Keep Rickey Smiley Name Out Your Mouth!!”

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Trick Daddy responded to Katt Williams’ controversial interview by defending Rickey SMiley.

He says he wants Katt to stop speaking on him too.

“Katt Williams, your little p-ssy ass get on the Sharpe show and get in your lil’ bitch-ass feelings and get in ways and you say all type of sh-t you ain’t supposed to say. See, there’s a lot of sh-t about certain rap n-ggas I could say, but I know there’s some sh-t that I shouldn’t say so I don’t say it,” Trick Daddy said while sitting in the front seat of his car.

In the interview, Katt clowned Rockey Smiley about wearing a dress and not being funny. He also accused Smiley of lying about originally being up for the role of Money Mike.

Ice Cube did confirm Smiley auditioned for the role but they decided to go in another direction.

“I’m not no comedian. I’m a street n-gga first. Keep my name out your mouth, bitch-ass n-gga. Keep Rickey Smiley name out your mouth too. Keep all OG’s names out your mouth. I told people that I didn’t think you was funny; I ain’t never said I didn’t like you. I actually saw you one day and I was laughing my ass off. Remember when that little boy put you in a headlock? I was crying f-ckin laughing,” said Trick.

Trick Daddy says that Katt Williams in not funny… that he is just a joke.

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