Trick Daddy Denies Claim He Was Discovered By Fat Joe

Tiffany Brockworth |

Trick Daddy has responded to a claim that he was discovered by New York rapper Fat Joe.

The rapper-turned-chef is calling cap on the claim. Fat Joe says he pushed to get Trick signed, but Uncle Luke previously claimed credit for finding Trick.

“Fat Joe gotta be older than me,” Trick said. “Because I go to be forgetting things, but I never hallucinate. Fat Joe said he took my CD into Craig Kallman at Atlantic Records. If you got my deal, how do I get a CD? I see him telling a lot of stories. Maybe he got it confused.”

Joe made the claims while on Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion.” He not only claimed to have discovered Trick, but he also said he was responsible for discovering Pitbull and for French Montana.

“I love Joe, but I find this very interesting because I discovered @trickdaddydollars. He did his first song with me as soon as he got [out] of the lockup and he stayed with me,” Luke said at the time adding that he “discovered [and] signed @pitbull to the platinum-selling Luke Records Label [and] he did his first songs” with him. Next, the “Face Down A-s Up” artist explained why working together meant so much to him. “Because I’m from Miami, I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper, so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes.”

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